Dear visitors, welcome in the natural reserve, the National Park Sumava Mountains. National Parks present the last islands of immaculate nature. The nature can develop here in such way as it used to do for ages.

Horni Vltavice is situated in the National Park Sumava in a romantic valley of the Warm Vltava River in 824 m above sea level. Not far from here there is another natural beauty - the Boubin Virgin Forest, 1362 m high with an instructional path.

There are other possibilities of wonderful walks e. g. The Crayfish Brook Valley, the Vltava Springs and the villages Lenora and Kubova Hut.

More distant, suitable for bikes and cars, are these places:
  • Lipno Lake, the village Nova Pec, Plesne Lake and the Schvarzenbergs Canal for transport of wood.
  • villages Borova Lada, Kvilda, Modrava which lie in the centre of the NP Sumava
  • villages Stozec and Nove Udoli, mountains Plechy and Tristolicnik (there are three counties´ borders there),
  • · towns on the route of the Golden Path Volary and Prahatice, in the historical centre of which there are 110 objects protected by UNESCO.

  • Unforgetable trips to:
  • The Hluboka Castle, the Hunting Castle Ohrada with its own ZOO
  • Ceske Budejovice, the Kratochvile Castle (with an exhibition of marionette history and animated cartoons
  • Towns Prachatice, Cesky Krumlov, the lake Lipno (there is a possibility of a cruiz with beautiful views of the mountains; in the spring months when there is enough water, it is possible to go by boats on the Warm Vltava from Borova Lada via Horni Vltavice, Lenora as far as the Soumarsky Most (bridge). From there you can go on as far as Lipno Lake

  • In summer you can bathe in the Tepla (Warm) Vltava River and in the swimming pool. There are swimming halls in Kubova Hut, Volary and Prachatice

    There is a newly built ski lift for downhill running, called POMA, it is situated 200 m from the hotel Salivar. Very good skiers will find areas in the neighbourhood: Kubova Hut, Strazny , Kvilda and Churanov with the well-known area "Kobyla" ("Hack").

    Who owns the passport for the parts of Germany and Austia which are situated at our border, can spend time and have a good time e.g. at these places:
  • Ski Centre Mitterdorf 1130 m (G), 6 ski lifts, 25 km from the Salivar Hotel.
  • Ski Centre Hochficht 1338 m (A), 8 ski lifts (length 1400-3400 m), 50 km from the Salivar Hotel.

  • There are both on the Czech and the German side of the border lots of ski - running routes.

    As our hotel is very near Germany and Austria, our guests have the possibility to visit these parts of them:
  • Lots of tourists admire the well-known Bayerischer Wald (Forest). There are comfortable roads and paths, virgin forests, brooks, peatbogs, routes with beautiful views and fenced parts of the forests where wild beasts live. This area can be gone through by bikes, there are special cyclist routes
  • There is a swimming area open all year long in the near town Waldkirchen
  • · The town Passau has a lot of historical monuments. You can do sightseeing there, shopping and make a trip on a boat or a steamship on the Danube